Sunday, July 13, 2008


Truth defined means reality, actual existence or an established fact. If the definitions of truth hold it's ground then we must measure the ideas of truth. As Christian theists, whose worldview is based on absolute truth, others may beg to differ. Yes, I do believe that the ethics of our society is cracking and melting away. If not careful the Christian worldview will continue to become part of the melting pot of religions that state, truth is based on man's ideas. In a recent poll taken by George Barna 83% of teens said moral truth depends on the circumstances, 6% said moral truth is absolute. If this is the case, the defense for truth is greater than ever, especially within the minds of our young people. Many times in class I use this illustration to describe truth decay to my students. Behind my house there is a road and every year the same pot hole would come back. The city crew would come out fill it, and it would last though the summer. Winter would come and all the elements that comes with it, rain and ice. That pot hole would resurface again, and the cycle would be repeated! It wasn't until the city dug up the street and repaved it that we did not see that pothole again. Truth can be described as the road, the pot holes represent the decay in truth. The question is, what will man fill the pot holes with? What worldview will be poured into the holes of life in order to fill the chaos of the world? What truth will fill the hole of society? Since the goal of postmodernist is to take the reality of truth out of the picture, the potholes of life will continue to be filled with the values and ideas of man. Thus, the pot holes of truth will continue to reappear. Friedrich Nietzsche believed that truth was found in the individual. He believed that truth was based on ones own experince. In other words truth was based on the subjective idea of humanity. For Nietzsche, he filled that pothole of society with himself. The only problem with "I", is that "I" fails, because "I" is not perfect! The only way that the potholes of life can ever be fixed is by the acknowledgement of reality in truth. As a Christian theist truth is based on an absolute principle, the existence of a living God, who sent his Son to bring truth to all man. We may never turn the pages of history back, and the decay of truth may continue on. With a "new perception of religion" within society it may seem as the fight for an absolute truth has been lost. It is through the example of Paul who I believe we can find our encouragement. Paul never entered a city with a banner proclaiming "Jesus is the way the truth and life!". Paul challenged the very foundation of mans assumption of truth. It was Paul's worldview that made it possible for him to enter the porticos of thought. For the first time in a culture, that was polytheistic, someone spoke with passion and had a foundation to back it up. Just as today, people were searching for truth and it was Paul who gave an answer to the reality of his day. Today, Sunday school answers will not win the hearts of a postmodernist, it will be the challenge to know what we believe and why! Our idea of truth gives us confidence and a foundation because of faith in a living God. In the words of Paul, "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophies, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ."

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