Monday, July 14, 2008


The dissolving of truth in our culture is very much alive today through the technical solutions that are created to solve social problems and epidemics. An example of one epidemic is the AIDS crisis. Many will cry "more money for research!". "Find a cure" has become the battle cry. The cure is simple, whether straight or not, it's called choice. Chose to do that which is right, and bear the fruits of it's blessings. Chose to do which is wrong, bear the fruits of disobedince. A descision to have sexual relations in the confines of marraige and then be faithful to those vows, will bring blessings in a marraige. Go outside that vow, and it can not only cost you your marriage, but your life. Within the homosexual community the cry for a cure seems to be, in my view, a quick fix to continully live in a lifestyle that is against absolute truth.
During the 2003 MTV Awards, Modanna passed the mantel of sleaze to superstars Britney Spears and Christina Augilar by swapping seductive kisses to both girls. In previous interviews, both Britney and Christina had stated that their idol in the industry was Modanna. She was looked up to as a role model because she knew how to change with the times. In different occasions they had said it would be an honor to sing with their role model. They got their wish, and their role model used them for fame and passed on to the next generation the idea of being of who you are is more important than anything else!
The fading of truth is not based on the tablets of paper, but on the tablets of man's heart's. When truth is taken away and replaced by one's own standard, truth then will become whatever man so desires. A man idea may come to pass with its thinking. Issues may be solved. Ideas may give way to knowlwdge, but what if they fail? At one moment in time man's ideas will fail, we are not perfect. An idea that comes from God must come to pass! Ideas that are set in absolute truth will not faulter but become the foundation for all man because God himself has set the standard! As truth is thrown by the wayside in our society, who will we turn to becomes the "armaggedon" of our time.

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